Nurses' Attitudes Toward Nursing Research

  • Ana Kovačević* Clinical Hospital Center Osijek
  • Nada Prlić
  • Biljana Matijašević


Aim: The aim of the study was to examine the attitudes of nurses towards research in nursing.


Respondents and Methods: The study involved 202 respondents. The subjects were nurses employed at Osijek Clinical Hospital. The Boothe's Attitudes on Nursing Research Scale was used as an instrument of research – a modified version by Bostrum, A.C.

Prior to statistical data processing, respondents were divided into two groups, considering the level of education: Vocational nurses and Baccalaureates of Science in Nursing.

By age, respondents were divided into three groups: aged 20 to 35, 36 to 50 and 51 to 65. The differences between the observed groups were tested by the t-test and analysis of variance.


Results: There is a statistically significante difference in attitudes towards research given the level of education of the respondents (p = 0.015). Baccalaureates of Nursing have more positive attitudes towards research ( = 148.5) compared to vocational nurses ( = 141.1). A significant difference in attitudes towards nursing research was determined with respect to the age of respondents (p = 0.002). Younger nurses have a more positive attitude towards research in nursing (  = 151.5) than middle-aged ( = 140.9) and senior nurses ( = 140.1). There is also a significant difference in the level of motivation for continuing professional education given the respondents’ level of education (p = 0.019).


Conclusion: Nurses show mildly positive attitudes towards nursing research.

Key words: attitudes towards research, nursing research, nurses

Apr 7, 2018
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