Dear colleagues,

Hereby, new 10th issue of SEEMEDJ is presented to you. This issue brings flaming topic of COVID-19 disease and some intriguing questions on transmission and mortality of COVID-19 in cancer patients in relation to blood group (Ebinc et al). Article by Bogov ić et al reviewed clinical outcomes of COVID-19. Anaemia of chronic disease is more common in COVID-19 positive patients and the clinical outcomes of COVID-19 disease is poorer. Also, an advanced inflammatory condition characterized with higher ferritin/t ransferrin ratio may be a predictive factor of intensive care unit admission in these patients. In line with wide discussion on pro and contra vaccination, article by Smajić et al. present a survey on university students and their attitudes towards responsible behavior and vaccination, finding interesting differences in favor to students form biomedical fields. Work in shifts significantly affects arterial blood pressure and higher ferritin levels in women, suggesting subclinical inflammatory process, possibly important in etiology of hypertension (Cvitkušić-Lukenda et al). Furthermore, Pavličević Tomas and Degmečić review data of 800 patients in psychiatry clinic and found out that almost one third of them suffered from hypertension which was related to recurrent depressive disorder, alcohol addiction and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Outcomes of deep vein thrombosis in emergency department with emphasis on treatments with novel oral  anticoagulants (NOAC) is presented in article by Radilj et al. while chronic kidney disease related anemia is reviewed in study by Hrvačić et al. And finally, importance of effective minimization of blood usage and wastage in Guyana is presented in article by Kurupa et al.

The art work at the cover page is a sculpture from the first half of 20th century, a work by Mihajlo Živić, artist from Osijek, whose work was influenced by Ivan Meštrović.

I hope that readers will find relevant published articles for their work On a behalf of editorial board and my own, I warmly greet our readers and invite them to join us in the endeavor of publishing own scientific work in SEEMEDJ.

Ines Drenjančević, MD, PhD
Southeastern European Medical Journal (SEEMEDJ)